Thrust Challenge – Best Fighter Ship

CGSociety & ConceptShips present THRUST a concept spaceship design competition.
For this challenge we want to create a Steam-Punk fighter, inspired by H.P. Lovercraft, Giulio Verne, and (last but not least) H.R. Giger. We start for a concept created few month ago for our self-promotion portfolio (

We want to develop that concept into a story of invasion from outer space (or from the deep seas?). Reference board: Our idea for a fighter ship is a mix of mechanical and organic elements from see creatures and Mammoth skeleton. The invaders hunt humans as we hunt animals. They are human’s fishers. Their fighters have a spear gun and tentacles and a cage to collect the catch.


2D/3D Concept - The Fighter Attack

The Fighter Interior

2D/3D Concept - 3 Fighters going out to hunt humans

First Sketches

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