ASC (aka Daniele Afferni, Anna Citelli e Luca Mari) is a creative team of illustrators, Matte Painters and CGI Artists. We create many kind of visuals and illustrations for advertising, films and TV commercials, working with the most well-known Italian and International Advertising Agencies. We also offer a creative support in concept art, 3D illustration, matte painting and CGI.


Daniele Afferni

After graduating from the “Scuola Superiore di Arti Applicate del Castello Sforzesco di Milano” art institute, he applied his visual skills in both the adv market – working for the renowned Armando Testa agency – and fine arts. Afferni’s early oil paintings and illustrations already feature weird creatures framed in boldly unreal perspectives.
In 1995, Afferni and two associates founded ASC studios – still active as top-class suppliers of pre-production visuals and concept art.
Meanwhile, Afferni’s fine art feats led to exhibitions in London, Berlin, Milan and New York.
Daniele Afferni is currently working professionally in both advertising and comics.

Luca Stefano Mari

Born in Milan in July of 1973, totally undecided as a young man, I try to get out of the tunnel of the school with a nice diploma, I decide to pellet in the trash immediately. I scramble in odd jobs trying to find a way … insurer, television graphics, radio director, bartender and others much less noble. After long wanderings, I now believe to be in the right place, and with my partners we are ready for any challenge that this work presents us.


Anna Citelli

I’ve been living in Milan since 1987. I worked with advertising agencies as a freelance visualizer. In addition to my
“official” work, I have illustrated children’s stories, prepared sets, worked with photographers, made mock-ups and I
partecipated to national and international design exhibitions whit my projects. I studied in Bari, in the south of Italy, where
I lived from 1970 to 1987. Before that I lived in Venezuela, a wonderful country, were I was born in 1964.



Armando Testa
Cacao Design
Cernuto Pizzigoni & Partners
Havas WorldWide Milan
Ferrero S.p.A.
In Adv
Leo Burnett
Lowe and Partners
Mccann Erickson
M&C Saatchi
Ogilvy & Mather
Red Lion
Red Cell
Saatchi & Saatch
Young Rubicam

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